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By Corydon Quo Vadis ex Corydon Regality of Rokeby.

Born 19/10/1970

Her Challenge Certificate wins were as follows:

3/7/1974 Paignton - Judge Mr L Hucklesbee

9/7/1975 Paignton - Judge Mr J Parrott

15/7/1975 East Of England - Judge Mr I Butchart

Her Reserve Challenge Certificate win was:

11/9/1974 - Bournemouth - Judge Mrs T Taylor

Her Best in Show Wins

28/4/1973 - East Anglian Collie Association - Limited Show - Judge Mrs D Cochrane

20/4/1974 - Yorkshire Collie Club - Open Show - Judge Mr V Salt

27/4/1974 - East Anglian Collie Association - Limited Show - Judge Mrs J Harris

25/5/1974 - London And Provincial Collie Club - Open Show - Judge Mrs F Chapman

15/6/1974 - British Collie Club - Limited Show - Judge Mrs V Plimmer

She must be very nearly the most important bitch of all time in the breed, as she is the head of 12 generations of Corydon bred bitches and is the head of 15 generations of Corydon males.

She was the dam of:

CH CORYDON QUINAULT sire Ch. Ramsey of Rokeby

CH CORYDON HIPPOLYTA sire Corydon King Hector

Another Champion bitch that sired Champions by different stud dogs.  She was the first in a line of 3 bitches who were the dams of 2 Champions to different stud dogs.

She was also the dam of IR CH CORYDON C’EST MAGNIFIQUE sire Ch Little Caesar at Corydon. So she produced Champions with 3 different sires.

She was also the full sister of CZ CH CORYDON QUINCY JONES.

Another son Corydon Quasimodo went to Australia and sired several Australian Champions.

She produced and reared 27 puppies by 4 different sires.

She died at just 10 years as she developed lung cancer. She died the day after her grandson CH CORYDON HANDSOME HERO became a Champion.

She was a particular favourite of Barbara’s as she always tried very hard in the show ring, and was a really nice pet.

Her complete Show Record