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Born 22/6/2019

 Sire: Corydon The Ringmaster

Dam: Mejola Famous Attraction For Corydon

This is a lovely boy who is not going to go to any dog shows while still a puppy because of Corona virus.

His pet name is really long as I am getting fed up with seeing those very long names attached to exhibits of this breed who have been imported from Eastern European Countries. I just cannot understand exhibitors who have to import Rough Collies. They are obviously not really interested in the breed. They like going to shows and meet up with friends. It is actually cheaper to go to a dog show than to a premier league football match. What sort of pleasure can people have if they win with an imported Collie? They are certainly not doing the breed any good at all. Can they trust the pedigrees? Can they trust the health of these imports some of which come from Countries that have not got the best reputations for honesty and truthfulness.