CORYDON POLLY TUCKA was born on the 12th January 1979. She was Royaly bred as she was by Ch Corydon Handsome Hero, the biggest winner of his time and out of Ch Corydon Hippolyta. She was the only tricolour bitch in the litter and in fact the only tricolour bitch born to her dam in her five litters. Soon after her birth the litter caught an infection that caused their heads to swell. The rest of the litter recovered very quickly and returned to full health with no side effects. But Tucka, as we called her, was not so lucky. Barbara was nursing her when the infection was at its height and was bathing her swollen head when one of her eyeball fell out onto Barbara’s hand. This was obviously devastating for us and for Tucka, as it meant that even though we thought she was the “pick” of the litter she would never be able to enter a show ring. Any way we decided that she was so nice we would keep her and hopefully breed from her. And what a sensible decision this was as she became one of the most outstanding dams of all time.      When the time came for the litter to have their eyes checked at eight weeks of age we took Tucka along so that her one eye could be looked at. surprisingly the one eye was found to be free of CEA, so we could breed from her with confidence in her general overall health. and what a good dam she proved to be.

She was a very beautiful bitch with a big full white collar and jet black coat which grew to be very big with the longest feathering that I have ever seen on a bitch. She was also quite a big bitch as was her sister. The sable and white Ch Corydon Polly Hera who was to become a Champion but was not nearly as beautiful as Tucka.

Tucka gave us five litters, the first three were decent litters of 6, 7 and 6. But the for next litter she had three tri dogs,and the fifth litter she had a sable white dog and a tri bitch. Her first litter born on the 5th January 1980 was to Ch Little Caesar at Corydon. There were three sable and white bitches, a sable and white dog a tricolour bitch and what I think is the best of all the Corydons the tricolour dog Norwegein Champion Corydon Augustus Caesar.

For Tucka’s second litter we mated her to Corydon Handsome Hugo, full brother earlier litter of Ch Corydon Hotspur. This litter were born on the 3rd March 1981 and contained seven puppies five dogs and two bitches, all were tricolour except for a sable and white dog. Most went as pets, but one tricolour bitch Corydon Tuck’s Fizz went to Norway where she became a Champion in that Country and became the top winning bitch in Norway for two successive years.

Her third litter born on the 12th January 1983 was to Ch Corydon Handsome Hotspur and it contained six puppies. There were no big winners here, except for one of the bitches who was to become the dam of Irish Champion Joshren Gallant Cavalier.             For her fourth litter born on the 20th June 1984 we mated her to Hotspur’s son NZ Ch Corydon Hotrod who went to New Zealand and had very much success in his new country. This litter only contained three tricolour dogs. But it did contain the great CH & AUS CH Corydon Tuck’s Tiger. And for her last litter born on the 11th June 1986 we mated he to Corydon Caruso and from this litter we kept Corydon Tuck’s Whisper who was to have an influence in the kennel.

           Unfortunately she got pyometra very soon after this last litter so had to have her womb removed. Whether this triggered a reaction we do not know but she had a heart attack soon after the operation and died in my arms. A great loss as she became my all time favourite, but we did not have much time to grieve as within an hour of her death we had to take Miranda to start her first term at Hull University. So I had to dig hole in the orchard when we got back and she joined her mother and other relations.

I am proud of the fact that she was the dam of three Champions all by different sires. And two of these Champions will go down as Greats of the breed. She was a wonderful pet and I still miss her. Her tail never stopped wagging and Barbara said that it would still wag while her foot was being cut off. She was one very happy lady.