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Our first Champion

Born 15/8/1973

By Corydon King Hector ex Ch Corydon Qui Vive.


Winner of 5 Challenge Certificates

Her Challenge Certificate wins were at:

23/8/1974  - Scottish K C - Judge Mrs K Jeffries

12/10/1974  - West of England C C - Judge Mr A Jeffries

3/5/1975 -  London & Provincial C C - Judge Mrs F Chapman

7/6/1975 -  London Collie Club - Judge Mrs V Hickson

8/8/1975 -  Border Union - Judge Mrs K Alexander

Her Reserve Challenge Certificate wins were at:

24/7/1974 - Southern Counties - Judge  Mr J Parrott

17/5/1975 - Birmingham National - Judge Mr J Broderick

1/6/1975 - Leeds - Judge Mr H Linley

22/8/1975 - S.K.C. - Judge Miss M Osborne

27/11/1977 - Collie Association - Judge Mrs P Green

Her Best in Show wins were at:

28/9/1974 - Midland Collie Club Open Show - Judge Mrs P Wilkinson

7/6/1975 - London Collie Club Ch Show - Judge Mrs V Hickson

Dam of



CH CORYDON POLLY HERA sire Ch Corydon Handsome Hero

She is one of the few Champion bitches to produce Champions to different sires.

She was also the dam of :


Also CORYDON CORPORAL POLLY who won 2 Reserve CC

CORYDON POLYCLETUS who won 3 C.A.C.I.Bs in Germany

CORYDON POLYCRATES who won 3 CC in Australia and sired many Australian Champions.

She had 26 puppies in 5 litters that were sired by 4 different dogs. She produced Champions from 3 of them. The fourth she had only 1 puppy survive, so no big winners there.

She was a great pet and lived to quite an advanced age of 15 years.


At 11 years of age


At 9 months

In her prime

A lovely velvety fore-face and correctly shaped dark eye.



Her complete Show Record

Polly became our first Champion at the London & Provincial Collie Club’s first Championship Show in 1975. I wonder why this club had to wait so long before they were allowed to award CCs? They were founded before the turn of the 20th Century so had to wait about 80 years for this honour. The London Collie Club was founded in 1947 yet were allowed to award CCs in 1955. Why were they so honoured? But then the Kennel Club who control the awarding of CCs has always been very honest in their dealings!!!!!!!

Polly really was a most beautiful bitch and probably the best we have ever bred. Her head was classic with a lovely velvety fore-face. She grew an enormous coat that was straight and harsh. Her temperament was not the best at shows and I remember the day she got made up, as the hall where the show was held, went very quiet when the judge went over her and a great cheer went up when Floss Chapman handed Barbara the Bitch Challenge Certificate. Everybody admired Polly because she was very pretty. She was a truly wonderful Rough Collie bitch as she was not only beautiful to look at she was also a wonderful dam. We really could do with her today. She had a quality about her that is very sadly lacking in the breed today.

She was entered in 63 Classes. The last when she was 11 years old. She won a Best of Breed when she was just 10 days under 11 years of age. From those 63 Classes, she won 37. Was placed second in 13. Third in 3. Reserve in 5. VHC in 3 and twice unplaced. Quite a record when in those days the classes were very full.

Pedigree of: Ch Corydon Hippolyta

Sex:  F2 (this is Family 2 on my database)

Date of Birth:  15/08/1973

Colour & Markings: S/W

Owner:  Corydon Kennel

Breeder: Corydon Kennel

                +--CH Dorgano Demander of Dunsinane 2150AU

            +--Dazzler of Dunsinane

            |   +--Leecroft Leading Lady

        +--Royal Flush of Rokeby

        |   |   +--Prospecthill Rustler of Rokeby

        |   +--CH Witchcraft of Rokeby 2746AX

        |       +--Retta of Rokeby

    +--Corydon King Hector 122BH

    |   |       +--Dazzler of Dunsinane

    |   |   +--CH Royal Ace of Rokeby 289AZ

    |   |   |   +--CH Witchcraft of Rokeby 2746AX

    |   +--Corydon Regality of Rokeby 60996/68

    |       |   +--Dazzler of Dunsinane

    |       +--CH Romney of Rokeby 1557AZ

    |           +--CH Witchcraft of Rokeby 2746AX

CH Corydon Hippolyta 1029BI

    |           +--CH Larkena Vanara Golden Victor 1410AW

    |       +--Corydon Don Vicisti 1879BC

    |       |   +--Corydon Bella Donna 2514AW

    |   +--Corydon Quo Vadis 758BE

    |   |   |   +--CH Larkena Vanara Golden Victor 1410AW

    |   |   +--Corydon Coalblackmaid 116847/66

    |   |       +--Ralvera's Donnasmaid 135440/65

    +--CH Corydon Qui Vive 3186BG

        |       +--Dazzler of Dunsinane

        |   +--CH Royal Ace of Rokeby 289AZ

        |   |   +--CH Witchcraft of Rokeby 2746AX

        +--Corydon Regality of Rokeby 60996/68

            |   +--Dazzler of Dunsinane

            +--CH Romney of Rokeby 1557AZ

                +--CH Witchcraft of Rokeby 2746AX