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What is happening/ happened during 2019

June 6th was Three Counties Ch Show. We did not enter because Miranda felt she would be too tired to drive a long way after taking 25 school children to France for four days. I would have been as well!!!!. However we were not there but we won because Jo White won the Dog CC and Best of Breed with Mejola Fate and Fortune and the Reserve Bitch CC was won by a Taz daughter.

May the 15th and we had to say good-bye to Muffin. I think she might have had a stroke. Still she was 14 years old and had a good happy life.

May 9th to 12th was GOOD!!! Thursday 9th was Birmingham National and Jo White handled her blue Mejola Fate and Fortune to win the Limit Dog Class and then won the Dog CC, his first. He is by the late Ch Corydon Once in a Blue Moon out of Corydon Femme Fatal. Looking at the results for that show it would seem that the judge had read and understood the Breed Standard. The fluffy coats and cow hocks really did have a very bad day. But shouldn't they? Then at the weekend our Best in Show winner from last ACP meeting won the Bitch CC, the Nordic CC, Group 1 and then Best in Show at the big all breeds show in Finland. This is a very big win for the breed as it is very rare for a Rough Collie to win a Best in Show award. She is by Percy. Another Percy daughter is currently in the lead in wins in Finland. Then a Taz daughter won the bitch CC in Denmark. Then on the 12th May The Smooth Collie Club had an Open Show with Roughs as well. Here Maxine Mellish won Best of Breed with her Demelewis Dare to Tell who again is by Ch Corydon Once in a Blue Moon out of Corydon Victorian for Demelewis. So we win even though we were not there.

At long last we have a litter. Dam is our Blue Fizz and sire is a son of Victor. We have a tri dog, a blue dog and a tri bitch. And NO the blue dog is not for sale. They are 10 weeks old.

I have been doing some more research into the breed. I have now come to the conclusion that the breed has turned full circle and now most of the exhibits at the shows are typical of the Collies before the 1880’s. Short head, domed skulls, deep stops and short bodies. They have completely lost the elegance the breed once had. Those old breeders must be turning in their graves to see how breeders today have ruined what they set out to do. The one thing that today’s Collies would not be able to do is herd cattle and sheep. They are too fat and unsound for that job.

That was the last show I have attended. I did not go to Cruft’s as it now just a circus. Has to be the Worlds worst dog show. Not even the biggest any more. The World Show is almost twice as big.

February 3rd was the Yorkshire Collie Club’s Open Show. Miranda took Donald, Minx and Rose. Donald (Corydon Trump The Lot) won his Class was Best Dog, Best of Breed and Reserve Best in Show. Rose (Rayawna’s Ring of Roses For Corydon) won the Puppy Bitch Class then won Best Puppy in Show. Minx (Kinneret Kopper Kisses For Corydon) won the Post Graduate Bitch Class and then Reserve Best Bitch. We could hardly have done any better than that. A triumph really for Taz (Ch Corydon The Ringleader) as he is the sire of all three. The day did not end there as we won the Jimmy Tait points trophy for our wins at the previous years club’s shows.

Best in Show Line up Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show 3/2/2019

I am trying to trace the bitch lines. This has not been done for a long time now. I think it is important because the gene pool in Rough Collies is very low. I am finding it very difficult because so many of the early bitches were not registered at The Kennel Club and then we have so many that had a change of name and also The Kennel Club allowed names to be used again. At one time it got to the state where the same name was being registered very frequently. This was very evident when Carol Smedley sent me a list of EDEN Collies. The total of names that she sent was about 270 and of these 61 were repeat names. One name EDEN EXCLUSIVE was repeated three times. I have overcome this on my pedigree program by adding a number to the name. Hence I have EDEN EXCLUSIVE 1 and then 2 and then 3. My pedigree program will not allow the same name to be entered twice but by doing this system I can get all the names into the database.

If anyone is interested to help me I would be very happy to have four or five generation pedigrees sent to me. This way I might be able to trace the dams lines right back to the early days of the breed.

Sunday 6th January was the East Anglian Collie Association Collie of the Year event. This was a great success as 44 Rough and Smooth Collies were entered for the two surprise judges (Miranda chooses them and they are not disclosed until they walk through the door.) Kevin Young as the All-Rounder and Brian Hull the Breed Specialist. I am the steward so was kept busy adding up the numbers on the judges score sheets..

The last day of 2018 so it is time to look back at what has been a very quiet year on the showing front. Yet, we bred three litter sisters who are the dams of Challenge Certificate winners during the year. This must be a first as it is very rare for three litter sisters to be dams of CC winners and here we have three of them in one year. The sisters are Corydon La Donnarita, Ch Corydon La Caprita at Phreelancer and Corydon La Favorita Avec Karafaye. They were out of Corydon Rio Rita and sired by Ch Demelewis Dark Moon Driftin over Corydon. They were born on the 27th December 2009 so they  have just celebrated their ninth birthday. La Favorita was actually the dam of two CC Winners during the year. Sadly though we lost both of their parents during the year. Rita was thirteen and Riff died at thirteen and a half. We also lost Riff’s sire at age of almost fifteen, this was Aqualita Class Act at Corydon, and we also lost Rita’s litter brother Ch Corydon Rio Grande who outlived his sister by a couple of months. So it has been a very sad year as well as the successes we have had.

I have sold all of my book “A Life with Rough Collies”. I will not be reprinting it. Many thanks to all those who purchased the book. I hope you all enjoyed it.

I still have some of the “Crufts Winners” books left though.

Corydon Victor Ludorum

With his Reserve CC card and Trophys.

Taz daughter winning Best Puppy in Show in Sweden

This is a young dog winning his first CACIB in Finland. He is by the Rough Int Ch Corydon Catch Me Drifting. I think that he is rather more substantial than the Smooth dogs we see in the UK. Are the Smooth Breeders missinig something? We nearly had him but Miranda did not like his name!!.

The Smooth Collies in the USA are very similar to him in type.

He won Best Dog at ACP 2018

The Best in Show winners at ACP 2018

Both sired by Percy.

Father and son. Ch Corydon the Ringleader

Corydon Trump the Lot