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What is happening/ happened during 2020

We have said good bye to two of our old girls this last fortnight. Martha (Corydon D Ark Margarita) passed away very peacefully on the 31st January and Potty (Corydon Copperita) died in her sleep on the 15th February. They were both pets and will be sadly missed. Potty would have been 14 years old in June so she had a good life. Martha was 12 and a half when she died.

Roger is still in the news. On the 1st February Miranda took him to the Isle of Ely Open Show. He was third out of 80 in the Puppy Stakes. He was Best Puppy in the Breed and was then placed Group 2 in the Puppy Group. The next day we took him, his brother Dom and Sister Crital to the Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show. Roger won the Puppy Dog Class was then awarded Best Dog and then Reserve Best in Show. Dom was awarded Reserve Best Puppy Dog. Cristal won the biggest Class of the day which was the Junior Bitch Class. Three super puppies.


Saturday 25th January 2920 was the British Collie Club’s Collie of the Year Competition.

Miranda took just Roger although we had four qualified. Roger was entered in the Junior of the Year. This was for Rough Collies that had been awarded Best Puppy in the Breed at Championship Shows. Miranda was somewhat surprised that the three judges should make him the winner. Surprised because he looked rather different from the other puppies placed behind him. The result was called in reverse order and Miranda thought she had no chance when the first three were called in. She was about to put Roger back in his cage when his number was called. This was a big win for him as it really makes him the best puppy of 2019. Personally I think that he is just about the best puppy I have ever seen. I am having real trouble finding a fault on him.

 Sunday January 5th was the East Anglian Collie Association’s Collie of The Year Event. This is always a very happy show where the committee members go to town to make everybody happy. They have bucks fizz for all as they come into the hall. Every exhibit has a named rosette. This year it was my turn to judge together with Mr Roger Bathurst of Sheltie fame. Miranda chooses the judges and her choice as the breed specialist cried off at the last moment, so I said I would be pleased to take their place. I have not judged the breed for almost 8 years so most were new to me. As it was we had a grand total of 47 Rough and Smooth Collies entered. I was very happy as we found a dog that for me is the best Rough Collie I have seen in years. His name is AMBARTR KING OF THE RING.  As I went over him I hoped that he was by one of my dogs, and he was as his sire is our Ch Corydon The Ringleader. He has an absolute correct head as the skull is flat, the head is well balanced , his cheeks are clean and he is not deep through. His conformation is excellent, he moves very well and he is ELEGANT. So, if you are interested in the breed use him on your bitches. I have to say that too many were round and bumpy in skull. The skull was too wide with very prominent cheeks and a thin fore-face. Ears too low set and eyes rather too round.  Elegant they were not. It is in the breed standard that the Rough Collie should be elegant so why these horrible short backed cloddy Collies? Some were far too fat and movement OH Dear. And these were all winners so I have to wonder just what today’s judges are doing. From some on view those judges were definitely not taking notice of the breed standard. And some were so ugly that I have to wonder at the intelligence of some.  The dog was best and runner up was a 12 year old tricolour bitch who was in the most superb condition and despite her years she moved better than 90 per cent of the other exhibitors. She has obviously been very well looked after and I know her dam is almost 15 so her owners are to be congratulated on looking after her so well. I suspect that far too many on show today will not reach this bitches age. And I have already booked to use the dog. So please for the good of the breed follow me.

Roger winning Best Junior of the Year at British Collie Club

Roger Reserve Best in Show and Best Puppy at YCC Open Show