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By Ch Corydon Blackcat ex Corydon Moon Goddess

Born 9/10/1994

Her CC wins:

12/5/1996 National Dog Show - Judge Mr B Hawkins

30/6/1996 Paignton - Judge Mrs H Hunt

10/8/1996 Bournemouth - Judge Mrs S Clark

17/8/1996 Welsh K C - Judge Mrs L Burtenshaw

20/3/1998 Scottish Breeds - Judge Mr R Anderton

Her Reserve CC wins:

18/5/1996 SKC - Judge Mrs L Westby

7/7/1996 Windsor - Judge Mrs M Spavin

28/7/1996 Leeds - Judge Mr A Lumb

15/2/1997 Midland C C - Judge Mr P Chave

She was from a large litter which contained 5 tricolour bitches. To choose the one we liked best we decided to photograph each in turn. Kitty decided that she was the prima donna by lifting herself up and showing us all her good points. Decision made.

She was a wonderful show bitch and was Top Rough Collie in 1996. The great pity with her was that she did not have any puppies. Strangely most of this litter appeared to be barren. Maybe it was the early signs of canine herpes.

Kitty at 6 months