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The Challenge Certificate Winners

The Reserve CC Winners



At 12 years of age

Born 21/5/1971

By Royal Flush of Rokeby ex Corydon Regality of Rokeby

His Reserve Challenge Certificate wins:

17/8/1974 - Welsh Kennel Club - Judge: Mrs K Alexander

2/10/1976 - Lancashire & Cheshire Collie Club - Judge Mrs J Osborne

6/11/1976 - Yorkshire Collie Club - Judge - Mr D Rippon

His Best in Show Win:

16/6/1973 - British Collie Club Open Show - Judge Mr Simister

17/1/1976 - East Anglian Collie Association - Judge Mrs I Combe

   A real character this dog. He was very big as he was born very big. He weighed 20 ounces at birth. He was very sound and carried a huge coat. He loved shows, but could not understand why he should lift his ears for the judge. So he never did. But this photo of him, taken when he was 12 years old demonstrates that he had very good ear carriage.

He was a very popular dog as he loved everybody who would make a fuss of him. And he was big, he weighed 85lb (38.5kg) in his prime.

   As a sire he was outstanding as he gave us 2 of the greats in the breed in Ch Corydon Hippolyta  and Ch Ever Lovin Emily at Corydon. He was also the sire of Ch Duntiblae Rob Roy and the CC winners Corydon Old King Cole and Queen Leila at Corydon.

   His pedigree is extremely close inbreeding. I did not intend this, but I went to use a dog at the Rokeby Kennels, but when I got there I did not like the dog we had booked. But I  did like a young dog in the paddock. I asked to use him instead. He had not mated a bitch before, but I handled him to a successful mating. Betty Eglin thought that we would have puppies with 2 heads. Instead we got Hector and 4 other very healthy puppies. We would not be allowed to do this mating today. Mores the pity as you can set a distinct line by this sort of close inbreeding. Obviously it does have it’s dangers, but in this case it was highly successful, and we got good temperaments from a line that was not noted for being very sound in this important issue.