The History of CORYDON

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I thought that it would be fun to trace our family through to CORYDON CATCH A PIXIE our latest star, from our first, CHUCKALUCKS THAT’S MY GIRL. A total of 20 generations of Corydon Bred Rough Collies. CHUCKALUCKS THAT’S MY GIRL. Born 8/3/1960 To her daughter CORYDON BELLA DONNA Born 8/2/1962  By  Ch Jefsfire Strollaway To her son CORYDON DON VICISTI Born 28/8/1966 By Ch Larkena Vanara Golden Victor To his son To his daughter CH CORYDON QUI VIVE Born 19/8/1970 Out of Corydon Regality of Rokeby To her daughter CH CORYDON HIPPOLYTA Born 15/8/1973 By Corydon King Hector To her daughter CORYDON POLLYHANNA Born 24/10/1975 By Ch Bririch Gold Edition CH CORYDON HANDSOME HERO Born 16/8/1977 By Ch. Corydon Quinault CORYDON POLLY TUCKA Born 12/1/1979 Out of Ch. Corydon Hippolyta To her son To his daughter NU CH CORYDON AUGUSTUS  CAESAR Born 5/1/1980 By Ch. Little Caesar at Corydon CORYDON HANNASTAR Born 27/7/1981 Out of Corydon Pollyhannah To her son To his daughter To her son CH CORYDON GOLD STAR Born 19/9/1982 By Ch Geoffdon Lawmaker CORYDON GOLD DELILAH Born 19/11/1986 Out of Corydon Hannalara CH CORYDON GOLDSPUR Born 9/1/1989 By Ch Corydon Handsome Hotspur CH CORYDON LA STUPENDA Born 21/6/1990 Out of Corydon Alonastar To his daughter To her son To his daughter CH CORYDON IL SUPREMO Born 16/2/1997 By UK. INT.LUX IT.CH Sogno  Del Narciso With Pelido CORYDON FANCY ME Born 12/2/2004 Out of Corydon Sudden Fancy Int CORYDON CATCH ME DRIFTIN Born 16/10/2006 By Ch Demelewis Dark Moon Drifting Over Corydon His daughter Her son His son CORYDON THE PERSUADER Born 4/3/2012 Out of Demelewis Catch The Breeze For Corydon ADREMONT  BLUE  MISCHIEF Barbara’s first Collie BIRCHBOUGHS BARON Barbara’s first Show Collie LIGHT CAVALRY OF LADYPARK John’s first Show Collie Her son 1953 ? CORYDON QUO VADIS Born 3/5/1968 Out of  Corydon Coalblackmaid CH CORYDON HIPOLYTA Our first Champion CHUCKALUCK'S THAT'S MY GIRL Our first Brood Bitch

It really all started with Barbara's grandfather who started showing Rough Collies in the early part of the last century. He owned some quite famous dogs before the First World War and he continued to show until the 1950’s.

Barbara was not allowed to have her own Rough Collie until about 1955, when she was given a Blue Merle dog puppy by her Grandfather. Unfortunately he died from distemper at an early age. (No vaccines then).

Soon after she bought a sable and white puppy dog by the name of BIRCHBOUGHS BARON who lived with us until  he died of old age.

Meanwhile John bought a sable and white puppy dog from Miss Grey of the famous Ladypark Collies. He was called LIGHT CAVALRY OF LADYPARK, and much rivalry was started between the 2 dogs in the show ring.

These 2 dogs hardly distinguished themselves at stud, but John and Barbara fell in love and married on the 2nd April 1960.

On the 8th March 1960 was born a litter that contained a sable and white bitch that was to have a significant effect on the breed and on the CORYDON Kennel in particular. This puppy was called CHUCKALUCKS THAT’S MY GIRL, and it is she who is behind every  CORYDON bred today.

His son


Born 7/2/2014

Out of

Corydon La Donnarita

His son


Born 13/10/2016

Out of

Corydon Moonflower