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Winner of 12 Challenge Certificates a Group 1 award and a Group 2 award in the UK

He then went to live with Warren and Helen Cake, who campaigned him to his Australian Title. At his first show in his new country he went on to Supreme Best in Show under Harry Spira.

This judge told the Cake’s, after he had judged Best in Show at Crufts, that they had a better dog in their yard than the Crufts Supreme Champion. Hero really was that good. But the UK All-Rounder judges were not interested in Rough Collies at that time, so would never place them as high as they should have done. For that matter they still do not do so.

Due to an argument with his co-buyer, he was very little used at stud in Australia, but he did sire one Australian Champion.


 Pedigree of: CH & Aus CH Corydon Handsome Hero 1635BM  

 Sex: M

 Date of Birth: 16/8/1977

 Colour & Markings: S/W

 Breeder: Corydon Kennels

                      CH Dorgano Demander of Dunsinane 2150AU

            Dazzler of Dunsinane

            |         Leecroft Leading Lady

        CH Ramsey of Rokeby 1677BC

        |   |        Dazzler of Dunsinane

        |   CH Romney of Rokeby 1557AZ

        |            CH Witchcraft of Rokeby 2746AX

    CH Corydon Quinault 505BH

    |   |            Corydon Don Vicisti 1879BC

    |   |   Corydon Quo Vadis 758BE

    |   |   |        Corydon Coalblackmaid 116847/66

    |   +--CH Corydon Qui Vive 3186BG

    |       |        CH Royal Ace of Rokeby 289AZ

    |       Corydon Regality of Rokeby 60996/68

    |                CH Romney of Rokeby 1557AZ

 CH & Aus CH Corydon Handsome Hero 1635BM

    |                Dazzler of Dunsinane

    |       CH Royal Ace of Rokeby 289AZ

    |       |        CH Witchcraft of Rokeby 2746AX

    |   CH Bririch Gold Edition

    |   |   |        Dazzler of Dunsinane

    |   |   Bririch Golden Belita

    |   |            Bririch Black Andrena

    Corydon Polyhanna 3372BK

        |            Royal Flush of Rokeby

        |   Corydon King Hector 122BH

        |   |       Corydon Regality of Rokeby 60996/68

        CH Corydon Hippolyta 1029BI

            |       Corydon Quo Vadis 758BE

            CH Corydon Qui Vive 3186BG

                     Corydon Regality of Rokeby 60996/68