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By Ch Brilyn Rum 'N' Black ex Corydon Silver Moon

Born 18/8/1996 - Died 2/3/2007

The Breed Record Holder.

3 Times Best of Breed at Crufts in Consecutive Years.

8 Group Placings.

Winner of 32 CCs and 10 Reserve CCs

His CC wins:

10/5/1998 National Dog Show - Judge Mrs R Cartwright

16/5/1998 Scottish K C - Judge Mr B Hawkins

7/6/1998 London Collie - Judge Mr R Baker

20/6/1998 Border Union - Judge Mr A Wight

12/7/1998 South Wales - Judge Mrs M Clark

18/7/1998 National Working & Pastorial - Judge Mrs M Farnes

2/8/1998 East Anglian Collie - Judge Mrs P Lister

15/8/1998 Welsh K C - Judge Mrs K Jeffries

23/10/1998 Midland Counties - Judge Mrs P Cross-Stern

23/4/1999 W E L K S - Judge Mrs J White

4/7/1999 Windsor- Judge Mr B House

1/8/1999 East Anglian Collie - Judge Mrs N Lister

11/3/2000 Crufts - Judge Mr J Kirk

20/5/2000 Scottish K C - Judge Mrs J Sykes

13/6/2000 Three Counties - Judge Mr K Frankenberger

17/6/2000 - Border Union - Judge Mrs R Makepeace

1/7/2000 Windsor - Judge Mr R Vuorinen

12/7/2000 Paignton - Judge Mr J Geddes

30/7/2000 East Anglian Collie - Judge Mrs B White

9/9/2000 Richmond - Judge Mrs J House

20/5/2001 Scottish K C - Judge Mr J McManus

28/5/2001 Crufts - Judge Mr H Hunt

3/6/2001 Southern Counties - Judge Mr S Wilburg

11/6/2001 Three Counties - Judge Mrs J Whant

7/9/2001 Richmond - Judge Mr D Allsopp

15/9/2001 Darlington - Judge Mr J Bispham

25/10/2001 Midland Counties - Judge Miss S Concar

7/3/2002 Crufts - Judge Mrs E Westwood

27/7/2003 East Anglian Collie - Judge Miss E Erikson

6/3/2004 Crufts - judge Mr R Vuorinen

31/5/2004 Bath - Judge Mrs S Elliston

4/9/2005 Yorkshire Collie - Judge Mr G Duffield

His Reserve CC wins:

16/11/1997 London & Provincial CC - Judge Mrs B Banbury

28/3/1998 Scottish Breeds - Judge Mr R Anderton

7/11/1998 Working Breeds of Scotland - Judge Mrs M Leverton

23/5/1999 Three Counties - Judge Mrs E Kitchen

19/8/2000 Welsh K C - Judge Mr E Hulme

5/7/2002 Paignton - Judge Mrs J Kenny

25/10/2002 Midland Counties - Judge Mrs P Wilkinson

5/7/2003 Windsor - Judge Mr A Brace

16/7/2005 National Working & Pastoral Breeds - Judge Mrs B Banbury

24/7/2005 Leeds - Judge Mrs B Haywood

His Best in Show wins:

7/2/1998 Wath & West Melton All Breeds Open Show - Judge Mrs P Clayton

22/2/1998 London & Provincial C C - Judge Mr B Skyrme

2/8/1998 East Anglian C A - Judge Mrs P Lister

30/7/2000 East Anglian C A - Judge Mrs B White

7/7/2003 East Anglian C A - Judge Miss E Eriksson

He won his first 8 Challenge Certificates at consecutive shows.

Unfortunately he only sired 2 litters. It could be that he had caught canine herpes as he was not producing any live sperm. The first litter produced only whites apart from CORYDON FLASH FROST who had too much white on him to be a show specimen, but he did appear on the front of the Collie Rescue Calendar for 2001. The dam was CORYDON LA PHINICIA. The second litter was to CORYDON WILLA BEA who had just 3 puppies. But they were quite successful as CORYDON FROSTY KNIGHT won 2 Reserve CCs  and CORYDON BEE A MADAM AT DEMELEWIS is the dam of Ch DEMELEWIS DARK MOON DRIFTIN OVER CORYDON winner of 13 CCs  so far.

 Luckily this means that he is in all of our present day Collie’s pedigrees.