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We have sent 11 Rough Collies to Australia to win their Australian Title. I have just been informed that no other UK kennel from any other breed has been so successful.

We also sent a UK Champion who was hardly shown as he was bought as a pet. Our dogs have sired so many Australian Champions that we have lost count, but it must be well into the hundreds.

To become an Australian Champion the dog has to win 100 points. This is made up as follows:

5 points for the Challenge Certificate plus 1 point for each other dog present in that sex. Up to a maximum of 25 points per show. If there are not many dogs entered, then a Group win will make up the points to 25.

There for a dog has to go to at least 4 shows to win its title.

But - it is possible for a dog to become an Australian Champion without actually beating another dog. Known as petrol or some other rude word Champion. It does happen, but not too often as the judge can with hold the CC. if they think that the dog is not good enough to win the CC.

CORYDON HANDSOME HERO, LITTLE CAESAR AT CORYDON and CORYDON TUCK’S TIGER won their titles in just 4 shows. For which we were justly proud. It does not happen too often.

The authorities have made it so difficult and expensive to sent dogs to Australia that Hardy is probably the last Corydon to go down under.

Just to emphasise the expense involved, we travelled to Tasmania last August. The total cost of both of us going there by return flight was cheaper than sending Hardy one way. Someone has got a nice little rip off earner. Disgraceful!!!

Besides that, he had to visit the vet 11 times for various tests, jabs etc. Do all Australians have to have a piece of paper to say they are allowed to breathe?